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Sep 3, 2012 11:00pm EDT
equipment for the vice-president's labor day visit to detroit has been found. now police are trying to find the person responsible. the u-haul rented by the secret service was stolen sunday morning outside a hotel. it was found today about three miles away and some of the contents were at an abandoned house. police are trying to identify the man captured on camera in connection with the u-haul heist. >>> actor russell crowe has played plenty of action heroes on screen. this weekend he needed a real life hero of his own. he apparently got lost while kayaking with a friend off long island. personnel out on a routine patrol heard their cries for help. they hitched a ride. crowe tweeted later he was never lost but just ran out of daylight while kayaking. >>> stick around until after the break and meet some of the most amazing young women around. the best part? they're our neighbor. >>> and most of us buy organic because we think it's healthier, but is it really true? new research is out on what you should know about it before you head to the grocery store. we'll be right back. >> so are we
Sep 14, 2012 1:35am EDT
chicago on detroit's doorstep. this is the same front that will roll through our area tomorrow night. a couple of showers possible. we'll watch the area of low pressure in texas. that is going to become a big player next week. not so much this weekend. in the meantime, we have clear skies right now. but some clouds are coming in. some high and mid-level clouds out to the west. so we're going to say clear to partly cloudy tonight. still very, very nice. while it's 70 downtown, it's 59 in manassas. 59 in leesburg. and 59 in frederick. so a comfortable night. not quite as chilly as it has been. so still pleasant on friday. still a great day on friday. it really is. cold front will approach late friday afternoon and friday night. shower possible at night for the metro. but they'll be isolated, they'll be light, don't change your plans. we're going to keep the showers away. the boss is playing tomorrow night. and the great weekend in the wake of the frontal boundary, actually i changed nice to great. so a really, really super weekend ahead behind the front. overnight, clear to partly clou
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)